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At Mariss Beauty Services , we are committed to pushing the boundaries of education and providing a unique experience for our students. We believe that learning goes far beyond theory... Our vision is to create an environment where education becomes an exciting and enriching adventure, stimulating everyone's personal and professional growth.

Why choose us :

Semi-private training: At SBM, we We encourage the practice of semi-private training, because it is an excellent way to sharpen your knowledge with future colleagues in the field and thus create a network of contacts.

Innovative teaching approach: At SBM, we adopt an innovative teaching approach that promotes active learning. Our courses are designed to be interactive, engaging and relevant to the real world.

Team of exceptional trainers: Our team of trainers is made up of experts who are passionate about eyelash extensions. They are committed to inspiring and guiding our students throughout their learning journey and career.

Training adapted to the needs and realities of the market: We understand the importance of aligning our training with the requirements of the current job market. Our training courses are constantly updated to incorporate the latest trends and technologies, ensuring that our graduates are ready to meet the challenges of today's professional world.

Inclusive and collaborative environment: At Mariss Beauty Services, we believe in the power of diversity and inclusion. We encourage collaboration and creating an environment where every student feels valued and supported.

Immediate application: Our training courses are designed to allow students to immediately apply their acquired knowledge. This provides practical experience that reinforces theoretical learning.

Join the big Mariss Beauty Services family and discover a new way of learning, where education goes beyond traditional boundaries to inspire excellence. At SBM, we train, yes, professionals, but above all future pioneers of the industry.

Classic eyelash extension training

This training is the first that you must follow in order to become an eye stylist. To launch your career, join us to learn the essential skills that will help you excel in the world of eyelash extensions and deliver impeccable results to your clients.

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Training in Russian volume eyelash extensions

Take it to another level and come learn this advanced technique that is Russian volume. Mariss Beauty Services raises industry standards by offering you training that covers a range of subjects essential for student success.

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Russian volume improvement

Russian volume improvement session given semi-privately. This is the perfect opportunity to come and improve your knowledge and skills, as well as ask the owner Maris your questions.

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Our trainers

Marie-Pier Galipeau (GATINEAU)

And yes... it's me Maris! I am the owner of the Mariss Beauty Services training and distribution school. I have been working in the field of eyelash extensions for 5 years and I continue to improve my skills each year with international master lash artists in order to stay on the lookout for new products and perfect my knowledge and skills. The success of my students is my priority! This is the reason why my training is more than complete. Indeed, they bring together all the learning that I have acquired over the years. My standards and expectations are high, but this is simply to ensure the long-term success of my students.

Jacynthe Forget (GATINEAU)

The world of aesthetics has always fascinated me... First certified in nail application, I subsequently decided to follow my training in eyelash extensions. Five years have passed and, since then, I have remained as passionate and in love with my profession as ever. Meticulous and perfectionist by nature, I look forward to teaching all the knowledge I have acquired over the last few years. Being a trainer for the Mariss Beauty Services academy is an honor and a very difficult opportunity to refuse.

Catherine Brousseau (GATINEAU)

My name is Catherine, but you can all call me Cath! I have been a qualified eyelash extension technician since 2011. Eyelash extensions are a field that has always fascinated me! In 2022, I became the owner of my own aesthetic studio in Gatineau and I also became a distributor of Mariss Beauty Services products. I am beyond honored to finally be able to teach my passion as an official SBM trainer.

Rebecca Duplantie (WAKEFIELD)

Hello, I'm Rebecca, but everyone calls me Becca! It was in 2016 that I was introduced to the world of eyelash extensions. After that, a passion was born in me. This is what then pushed me to follow numerous training and development courses in order to acquire more in-depth knowledge and the best techniques. My clients feel this passion! I love sharing my enthusiasm and my know-how with others and I am touched to have the opportunity to do so as a trainer for a rewarding company like SBM! I look forward to introducing you to this wonderful profession in my turn.

Ashley Dell (MIRABEL)

My name is Ashley Dell and I have been an eyelash extension technician since 2019. Since that time, a real passion has been born in me. Moreover, as I love learning, I followed some training and development courses to sharpen my knowledge and fuel my passion. Having the privilege of teaching my passion with future technicians from Quebec under the Service Beauté Mariss banner is a real honor for me. FUN FACT: My favorite curl is CC and I have a weakness for brown lashes!

Nadia Lachance (QUEBEC)

A little fish passionate about implementing projects, I was able to express my creativity through teaching artistic gymnastics and interior design. Motivated by a need for renewal, it was in 2017 that the world of eyelashes presented itself to me. Now invested full time in my passion, I can concretely express my artistic, relational and entrepreneurial side. Over the years, the distribution of my favorite products, those of Service Beauté Mariss, has been added to my service offering. It is therefore natural for me to now offer you my knowledge and share with you my experience as an SBM trainer.

Patricia Couture (GATINEAU)

Le domaine de l'esthétique m'a toujours passionnée. Tout a d'abord commencé par l'obtention de mon diplôme professionnel en esthétique. Ensuite, s'en sont suivi mes certifications en extensions de cils technique classique et volume russe. Cela fait maintenant sept ans que j'ai la chance d'exercer ma plus grande passion. De nature fonceuse et ambitieuse, devenir formatrice pour l'Académie SBM constitue pour moi un bel ajout à mon offre de services et ainsi mettre à profit par le biais de l'enseignement tout le savoir que j'ai acquis au fil des dernières années.

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