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Brown Is The New Black ♡ Easy Fan browns

Brown Is The New Black ♡ Easy Fan browns

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Our easy fan lash extensions from the Brown Is The New Black collection are soft as velvet and available in three different shades of brown.

Easy fan lash extensions are perfect for all lash artists who want to gently transition to true Russian volume. In addition to fanning like butter, the main feature of the easy fan from Services beauté Mariss is that they have no glue excess.

Our lash extensions are handcrafted from premium PBT.

The back of each strip is made of aluminum foil to make it easier to peel off and to prevent there being paper residue on the strip .

The three shades available are Gingerbread (#CG), Pecan (#CH) and Chocolate (#10).

*SBM lashes are more curled. C gives a CC effect and CC gives a D effect.

♡ Available in three shades
♡ Available in CC and M, mixed tray (8-14mm)
♡ 12 rows per tray

♡ Aluminum strips
♡ 2mm medium tack tape ideal for the lonely fan method and compatible with many other methods
♡ Semi-gloss finish
♡ The sizes are written on each of the strips
♡ All trays have a gold label that shows the curl, length and diameter for easy organization
♡ Made from luxurious fibers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Incroyablement facile à utiliser, encore une fois les fans se font tellement rapide.

La couleur est parfaite pour les clientes qui souhaitent avoir un look fournie, mais naturel. Parfaite pour les blonde et etc.


Jeanne VD
L'effet parfait 👌

Wow, l'effet est superbe.
une couleur parfaite pour mes cliente blonde au yeux bleu qui souhaitent une belle pose sans l'effet noir poupée.😉 Brown is the new black for my blondie!!!!

Un produit merveilleux!
Facile a travailler, une courbure qui tiens, pose impeccable!