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Basic ♡ 1 second adhesive

Basic ♡ 1 second adhesive

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Discover the Basic, our new 1 second lash extension adhesive, designed for both novice and senior lash artists. Our advanced formula cures in 1 second, giving a little more flexibility when positioning the extension.

♡ Drying time: 1 sec
♡ Works well in a wide humidity spectrum: 30-70%
♡ Ideal temperatures: 18-25 degrees
♡ Fine viscosity
♡ Ideal for black eyelashes and brown eyelashes
♡ Perfect for all eyelash extension techniques

♡ Latex and formaldehyde free
♡ Shelf life of 6 months before opening and 3 months once the bottle is opened (or until the texture changes)

♡ Before the start of your day, stir by hand, in all directions, for 2-3 minutes
♡ In summer, change the drop of glue every 15 minutes
♡ In winter, change the drop of glue every 30 minutes
♡ Store in an airtight jar away from sunlight
♡ Never store glue in the fridge, unless it is in an airtight container
♡ After placing your drop of glue in the washer or in the ring, press on the bottle to let the air out.
♡ A little glue will come out of the neck, so you need to wipe it well using the Wipe it off wipes to prevent it from blocking. If the neck is blocked, you can replace it with the one provided in the box or pierce it using the needle
♡ If the glue dries too slowly, increase the humidity in your room using a humidifier. If this is not possible, the use of nanomist is strongly recommended
♡ If the glue dries too quickly, work with the micro drop technique and use a glue ring to reduce the distance between dipping the extension in the glue and positioning it on the natural eyelash

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